S.H.I.T.S1 Frankfurt2 ~ Adj - Meaning Fun time in Frankfurt


1Saturday Hash In The Summer or Lets have a party


2Frankfurt City

A useless acronym to define the hard core, party animals in Frankfurt.

How it all started

It was started, so that the Hashers could sample and learn about the Festivities and Cultures in and around Frankfurt. Since all the festivities offered alcohol of some form, It was always easier for the Hashers to adapt, learn, respect and integrate into the cultures.
The name S.H.I.T.S was conceived during a live ly debate (over a few beers obviously) on December 21st 2003, between Pink Panter, Lil'smokey and Hitman.
The Inaugural run then took place on May 22nd 2004, with 11 keen hashers, which included the founding fathers and organisers, Rocket socket and Hitman.


S.H.I.T.S now boasts 3 traditions, which have been upheld successfully.
1. You will never drink alone.
2. What you cannot drink goes on your head and not on the floor!
3. Whenever possible, we will have a sitting circle.
Over the months, S.H.I.T.S Frankfurt evolved into something great with the contribution of Hard cores like Target Practice, Doggystyle, Red Baron, Umlaut and Stallione. Saturdays were no longer biting and the Weekends boring!

The S.H.I.T.S Frankfurt only exists during the summer, so the next Summer you are visiting Frankfurt or passing through, make it a point to join us and be part of something Great!

S.H.I.T.S.Frankfurt contacts:

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