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FH3 Hashmas weekend

FH3 Hashmas weekend
Fri, 6. December 2019, 19:00 h - Sun, 8. December 2019, 17:00 h
Klaane Sachsehäuser - Frankfurt
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A weekend full of mulled wine, beers, christmas trails and fancy dinner awaits you with all your favorite FH3 hashers (and we would love to see visitors too!).
* Registration is closed *

We´re super excited to party and hash with you, here are some informations we thought might be helpful to minimize the risk of you getting lost and/or arrested. 

Everything at the Friday Crawl and the Xmas-market stroll at Saturday is pay as you go, so bring cash €€€!
Venues and christmas markets do not accept cards. Sachenhausen (where we will spend most of the time) is pretty much Cash Central of Germany! No credit cards!

Please choose your dinner now (Kitchen needs to plan ahead), don´t worry, we´ll remind you of what you ordered. You can always order more/ extras that day! 

Prices are from last year, expect around 10%  more. If you can´t find anything to your liking, let us know and we´ll see what options there are. All their food is amazing! Please also update your attandance for Friday night so we know if we have to wait for people!

Here's the link to the form: 
Please fill within the next 7 days!  


If lost or late, need bail money or general life advice, call/text/whatsapp/ send nudes to:

Just In Beaver +491787700276



Frankfurt H3 Hashmas Weekend Locations 


Friday Pubcrawl Sachsenhausen

6pm meet for dinner & first drinks at Hooters. Crawling starts at 7:30pm. There will be some outside drinks so dress accordingly.

Or don´t.

We´d love to see some frozen nipples.

Where: Hooters Frankfurt, Kleine Rittergasse 4, 60594 Frankfurt (10min walk from S-Bahn Lokalbahnhof)


Saturday Christmas Market Crawl Downtown

12pm: Meet at Alte Oper, we plan to visit 3 markets. There will be time to drink, eat, shop and drink more at every stop. We will end up near Konstablerwache S Bahn around 3:30/4pm.

Where: Alte Oper Frankfurt, Fountain at Opernplatz, U Bahn Stop Alte Oper or S Bahn Taunusanlage


Saturday Dinner and Party

6pm: Start the night right with Prosecco!

Dress up fancy (Black Tie, pretty dresses) or don´t, as of Spidermans request we don´t mind you being naked, however the restaurant might have a word with you in private if you do.

Bring a Secret Santa present! Something small, useful or useless, don´t get crazy with the present but also, please do. Wrap up so no one can see what it is.

Please go pay your dinner before you get too drunk!

If you haven´t hashed with Frankfurt at least 5 times, bring 20€ cash for all you can drink beer, wine, prosecco, and softies. All other drinks to be payed cash.

Where: Klaane Sachenhäuser, Neuer Wall 11, 60594 Frankfurt (10min walk from S-Bahn Lokalbahnhof)


Sunday Santa Hash FH3

2:30pm: Länderweg 11, 60599 Frankfurt, S Bahn Frankfurt-Mühlberg, 5€ hash cash.

there will be an outside circle with Glühwein, but dress warm, last time we had the first proper snow that day! Car for Bag storage will be there.


Looking forward to hashmas with all of you,

the drunken elfes of FH3 missmanagement


Klaane Sachsehäuser
Neuer Wall 11


Zum Klaane Sachsehäuser
Food Restaurant and Apple Wine Tavern
Neuer Wall 11
60594 Frankfurt

Telefon: 069 / 615983

Located in the heart of Sachenhausen, easily accessible by bus, train and tram.

Approach by car
Multi-storey car park “Alt-Sachsenhausen”,

Approach by bus Line 30 and 36
Busstop Affentorplatz

Approach by tram Line 14, 15 and 16,
Stop Dreieichstraße/Lokalbahnhof

Approach by S-Bahn S2, S3, S4, S5 and S6
Station Lokalbahnhof,
ca. 500 m walk to “Alt-Sachsenhausen”

Approach by U-Bahn U1, U2, U3
Station Südbahnhof

Further information:
Google Maps  Google Maps