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FH3 Run # 1751: Hares: Great Balls of Fire

FH3 Run # 1751: Hares: Great Balls of Fire
Thu, 20. June 2019, 14:30 h
Wiesbaden - August-Liebig-Weg - Wiesbaden
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Frankfurt Hash House Harriers RUN #1751

HARE: Great Balls of Fire


Yo Yo Yo.

Short version is bring booze or you will not drink as much as you would like.


Long version below with other important details:

It’s another bank holiday in Germany and I have managed to successfully requested to Hare another FH3 Trail.

As it’s a bank holiday, then it will be a 14:30 start time.

I am aiming to get out the flat earlier this time and be waiting at the start location, just to keep you all out of my flat  ;-)

There will be a r*nners and a wa*kers trail

Bring a virgin!


OnOn After:   Social drinking in a field (or my back garden)


With lovely weather planned to be delivered by the RA, RB and a few goats being sacrificed (just in case)* we can carry on drinking after circle has finished.  

So.   Bring food,  bring booze.  Especially bring booze if you are planning to stay, as once the hash booze has gone,  you will have to buy some…  and it’s a bank holiday. 

Bring some warm layers as we could party late.

Bring a chair to sit your firm pert ar£e on (After circle…  this is not S.H.I.T.S. You have to be very up the duff or Farther Abraham to be able to sit at FH3)

Bring sun cream as the RA is going to work her magic.

Bring an American with you!   
If you can convince them to take a holiday, as the majority of them have to work.   
Sorry, not sorry

But tell them to turn up when  they have finished work.  We will be drunk in a field.  
Trail may be finished and all the hash beer may be gone,  but they can just bring their own and party with us.

Take public transport!

If needed and if wanted you can also all decamp and head downtown afterwards. The world is indeed a flat oyster! 

Crash space is not offered (by me) as I need to be on a flight Friday morning. But ask around..  you may get lucky!

See you all on Thursday.


Remember..  bring booze for after the hash and food if you want to eat


Wiesbaden - August-Liebig-Weg
August-Liebig-Weg 9


Location: somewhere near August-Liebig-Weg 9, 65191, Wiesbaden, Germany.


The address is a location point.  No knocking on any doors


Grab a beer/wine/whiskey, take S-Bahn from Frankfurt S1, S8 or S9 or a RB to Wiesbaden. Then catch two busses. #1 and then #21.and get off at Kappenbergweg.
Continue to walk up the road and August-Liebig-Weg will be on your right. Easy!  Right?

You could also get the SBahn to Niedernhausen...but you can sort that route out on your own.
It's a little more complicated (, but the end location is still Kappenbergweg in WI - Bierstadt.

Directions - by car:
Be sober, open car door, drive to the place your sat nav tells you to go to. Park car in the car park area.
You are all grown ups (legally), I am sure you will figure it out.