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S.H.i.T.S. #248

S.H.i.T.S. #248
Sat, 23. July 2022, 12:00 h - 21:30 h
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S.H.i.T.S. #248 the (now) Annual Pool Party!

It's going to be hot, so let's go south and get a bit wet! at Never Fucked's (now) annual pool party with Sembach.
Last year's pool + BBQ party was great, so let's make this one even better.

The HASH STARTS AT 12:00!!!!!!

Hares: Ausfahrt and Too Big
When: Saturday, July 23 at 12:00
Location: Parkplatz in Sulzbachtal 67734. Check the google pin!

CAR: offer a ride to us lost carless souls, please!

The hares say: Hey ya beautiful Sembach wanks! Ausfahrt is back, and I am going to lay you an epic trail!
There are two beer stops, the second one will be quite rewarding! (If you fucking make it that far, don’t be a pussy). There will be some up and up, but you will be handsomely lubricated! It will be all down hill after the beer stops and your drunk asses can just roll down the hill to make it back to on-in!
Wear your Shiggy socks, that’s just what we do, damn it!
“Too Big” is my co-hare for this trail. This lovely long-time hasher will be joining me and happy to be back at Sembach for this trail. We might be a slow lay for live trail, but I can guarantee it will be adventurous and entertaining!
On-On! - Ausfahrt

If you're on the Sembach FB group, do reply to the invite so they know how many of us are coming.
The On After will be at Never Fucked's backyard with a BBQ and pool party.

Corona is going strong again, so please take care of yourselves and others. If you feel sick please stay at home and get tested!!!!
Bring your chair, because we have a sitting circle!
What doesn't go IN you goes ON you! and this will be enforced, so Bring your mug, you're your own beer bitch!
You'll never drink alone!

May the S.H.i.T.S. have a piece!!!