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FH3 Run #1842 Hares: Swans & STD

FH3 Run #1842 Hares: Swans & STD
Sat, 6. March 2021, 13:00 h - Sun, 7. March 2021, 18:00 h
Kronberg - Oberhöchstadt parking @ B455 - Kronberg - Oberhöchstadt
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Frankfurt HHH RUN #1842

Hares: Swans & STD

Trail will be open from Saturday 13:00 and available all weekend.
Trail starts at P1.
P2 and P3 are alternatives in case P1 is full.
Trail will be ~10 km, or longer or shorter. NO BALLBREAKER this weekend
Trail should be ready at 1 pm on Saturday. Worst case you catch the hare’s.
Trail will NOT be maintained by the hare. Once laid, its done. No refreshing planned.

The known Hessian Corona rules and restrictions are still active!
So again, expect
- no alcohol consumption on crowded public places,
- false trails and usual marks.
- first hash mark at a check will be on. Either you run into an X.
- possibly there will be markings for eagles and turkeys on trail. No promises on that.
- only run with one other household, max. one additional person,
- obey social distancing rules,
- wear a FFP2 / surgery / medical face-mask if required (public transport).
No changes yet, you know about.
Either you have been on trail or not - join the Zoom Circle on Sunday!
It's open and everybody is welcome. Have some of your prefered drink with you.

Zoom Circle and social drinking:
Sunday, 16:00 @your device
Meeting-ID: 848 4573 8414
Password: FH3Circle


#1843 - 13. + 14.03.2021 - Just in Beaver
#1844 - 20. + 21.03.2021 - HARES NEEDED
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and all coming weekends of the actual winter season 2021.

Contact your Mismanagement today! (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


Kronberg - Oberhöchstadt parking @ B455
Altkönigstrasse / B455
Kronberg - Oberhöchstadt



Wanderparkplatz at B455 between Königstein and Hohemark north of Oberhöchstadt
"Jagdhausweg" / B455 / Alkönigstraße
close to junction / traffic lights direction Oberursel Altstadt - top of road going out of Kronberg - Oberhöchstadt on to B455


From Frankfurt, north and east take A661, from south A5 and A661 (from Bad Homburger Kreuz onwards) or only A661, direction Feldberg, Oberursel and Königstein. Stay all the way around Oberursel until A661 turns into a one lane road called B455 direction Königstein. About 100 up to 200 m after the junction with traffic lights leading to Oberursel Altstadt you will reach parking to the right, right beside B455.

From west of Frankfurt take A66, exit on to B8 direction Königstein (or B455) and stay up to the large roundabout in Königstein. Leave the roundabout immidiatly at the first exit and pass Opelzoo, a junction with traffic lights and the exit to Kronberg Schwimmbad. . After a few kilometers you woill find a t-crossing, wich will lead down to Oberursel and shortly after that a traffic light. turn right, direction Oberursel Altstadt an try to make a U-turn. Get back onto B455, but direction Königstein (where you came from) and turn right to the parking next to B455 ashortly after you get back on it

Public Transport Try to get a lift - or take S- / U-Bahn direction Oberursel Hohemark and walk / jog to the start. Check out

Park at P1!
If full, us P2 or P3 instead.