FH3 Run # 1796 / Virtual Hash #5 : Hare: Wankula

FH3 Run # 1796 / Virtual Hash #5 : Hare: Wankula
Sun, 19. April 2020, 16:00 h
Virtual space - Online Meeting
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Frankfurt HHH RUN #1796 / Virtual Hash #5

Time to draw 

Hare: Wankula 

Location: Virtual Zoom meeting  (Login-details will be updated in due time and send via email and available on Facebook).

Circle will be held from 16:00 onwards.

Hare notes:

Alright, you'll have plenty of time to prepare this one.

Run, walk, hop or crawl a trail wherever you can, so that you draw a penis, pair o'boobies, 69, foot, rabbit ears, beer mug or bottle, or whatever inspires you to draw on the map, as long as it's hashy.

Use your technology to record your amazing creation when doing the trail, preferably 48 hours before our circle on Sunday.

Be ready to share yours masterpiece in the zoom circle session.

For those that are technology-averse, confined in their home or simply lazy f*cks who don't bother dragging their pitiful ass out there, just prepare some images to amaze the circle.

For the unimaginative hashers, the hare will prepare and share in due time the trail he'll run in Frankfurt, just to show you how it's done and then you can go and do it yourself.

Earn serious bragging rights by making yours longer, harder, sweeter than that.

On On

Stay Safe out there!

And here is a sample for your imagination:

 Draw your trail


Virtual space - Online Meeting


Join the Zoom Meeting.

Location: your sofa, your kitchen, your garden, your bed.

This is an online circle, stay home and drink with us.

The hares may request you to do something before the circle, so check out the description for more details.

Stay safe and FalttenTheCurve