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H3 Run # 1795 / Virtual Hash #4 - Hare: Slippy no Stockings

H3 Run # 1795 / Virtual Hash #4 - Hare: Slippy no Stockings
Sun, 12. April 2020, 16:00 h
Nied S-Bahn Station - Frankfurt am Main
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Easter bunny is gonna come play with you!

Hare: Slippy noStocking
Look into our Facebook Group or ask a MM member about the Zoom details.

That's right, we are hashing on Easter Sunday.
The DOM's are not hashing on Monday, so we are keeping our Sunday virtual trail.

Get out for your own trail before hand.
As the hare is Slippy noStockings.

Hare notes...

Halfminds look out! The Easter Bunny is ready to lay her eggs-oh I mean trail, tomorrow morning.


Chalk talk has been set at Frankfurt Nied S-Bahn station.
Location: Bahnhof Frankfurt-Nied, Oeserstraße 12, 60325 Frankfurt am Main

Despite the chalk of the chalk talk, trail is being laid with only the finest gluten-frei flour.

? check
Blob Blob Blob - you are on
✖️false trail
S in a circle - song check
N in a circle - self naughty check
J in a circle - 10 jumping jacks then check
DS - drink stop, BYOD
EQ - egg quest, see if the Easter bunny loves you this year

Hare’s away!

Circle will be held online via Zoom Meeting
Check your mail, Facebook group or ask any MM member!

Hashers please post photos/maps online before circle (Sunday 1600 German April Time)

Be good - DON’T do this in groups, this is for solo fun only! If you see each other, maintain distance!

If you think the hare is so disorganized that she has not already picked the start point, you may offer her location suggestions in the comments.

Option 2 - can be done anywhere in the world ?!  Dust off your Yahtzee dice or download a dice app. At each intersection, pick which directions you are willing to actually go, and assign them numbers
Right - 1/2
Straight - 3/4
Left - 5/6
Roll a 5, go left!

Insert whenever your phone or watch buzzes with a notification, or every five minutes (set a timer), or simply whenever you see fit, preferably in the view of other people:

1: Song Stop
2: Self-naughty
3: Drink Stop OMG!!! (Self-supported, don’t forget your drink)
4: 10 Jumping Jacks!
5: False Trail! Go back two intersections and roll the dice again to determine the true trail
6: Hug Stop! Give yourself a too-friendly hug and feel yourself up

Post photos and a map of your run on the trail event page!  Tell me all about it! 
I have re-uploaded my video from my own dice trail two weeks ago to help get you in the mood



Nied S-Bahn Station
Frankfurt am Main


Location is the parking lot next to S-Bahn Station Frankfurt Nied at Kahnplatz (in front of the Friedhof).


Public Transport: From Frankfurt Main Train Station take S-Bahn S1 direction Wiesbaden or S2 direction Niedernhausen.
Get off at Frankfurt-Nied!! It’s just a 6 minute ride from FFM HBF.

Check for the timetables

Car: Use your navigation system or Google maps and type as destination: Kahnplatz, 65934 Frankfurt am Main or Oeserstraße 29, 65934 Frankfurt am Main