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FH3 Run # 1794 / Virtual Hash #3 - Hare: Just In Beaver

FH3 Run # 1794 / Virtual Hash #3 - Hare: Just In Beaver
Sun, 5. April 2020, 16:00 h
Virtual space - Online Meeting
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Frankfurt HHH RUN #1794

Hare: Just in Beaver

It's going to be an Online indoor Pub crawl! 

Cum join us for yet another very special online drinking session.

Details: Sunday, April 5th, 4pm.
Zoom Meeting (details on Facebook or ask one of our MM members)

Run during the day if you want to (you should, make use of the sunshine at any day of the week!) or start pre drinking at 9am.

Grab 4 of your favourite drinks. 4 beers, 4 glasses (or bottles of wine), 4 shots. Whatever.

Distribute them in the 4 pubs we´ll be visiting (links are to the actual pubs, yes, they do exist)

1.       Wohnzimmer Bar, Würzburg (

2.       The Kitchen Inn, Italy (

3.       The Bedroom Bar, Spain (

And last but not least and as we always end up here:

4.       Schwimmbar Bad, Frankfurt (

If you don´t have the option to move your old school PC to those locations during trail (yes, we want to see your shower/bedroom), try and bring something from that room to your webcam (like a pillow from the bedroom bar). Other than that, we´ll be visiting each pub together and I´d like to know what you´re drinking.

Also, the results for the MM erections will be announced that day! I´ll see if we should get everyone drunk first so no one remembers


Happy distancing,

If you feel lonely during the week, call me.


On On

Just In Beaver


Virtual space - Online Meeting


Join the Zoom Meeting.

Location: your sofa, your kitchen, your garden, your bed.

This is an online circle, stay home and drink with us.

The hares may request you to do something before the circle, so check out the description for more details.

Stay safe and FalttenTheCurve