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FH3 Run # 1793 / Virtual Hash #2- Hare: Great Balls of Fire

FH3 Run # 1793 / Virtual Hash #2- Hare: Great Balls of Fire
Sun, 29. March 2020, 16:00 h
Virtual space - Online Meeting
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Event Custom Field 1:
Sulzbach S-Bahn Park & Ride


Frankfurt HHH RUN #1793

Hare: GBoF

Make sure you read carefully.  It is not as you th!nk it is!
Hare:  GBoF...  well actually all of you
Date: 29th March
Time: Circle starts 16:00
Trail Location:  Your favourite trail near you
Circle location: Zoom
Topic: FH3 Virtual Trail #2
Time: Mar 29, 2020 16:00
Join our Zoom Meeting (details on Facebook or ask one of our MM members)
This weeks trail is part actual, part virtual.
Let’s start with the real element.
This week we are still allowed outside, just not allowed out in groups.  So, get outside and smell the roses, the fresh air and the horse shit which is on trail.
Track your run with your favourite piece of technology and post your trail into this group. 5km/10km/15km.  It is up to you. There will be down downs for the longest/shortest/most exciting/ most dull.
Also, take some chalk/flour along and set a few trail markings. Take pictures and post them into this group also.
Trail can be ran/walked/rode/hopped on one leg/crawled 
It can be done at anytime of the day on Sunday, just make sure you are back in time for the 16:00 circle.
I hope all that makes sense. If not, then there in no hope for you.
Stay safe, practice your physical distancing (they are calling it social distancing, but I have spoken to more people this week, then I have all month) and I will see you all online at 16:00
The virtual part.
If you have still not worked it out.  This starts at 16:00 and is online.
Details for that are above.
On on


Virtual space - Online Meeting


Join the Zoom Meeting.

Location: your sofa, your kitchen, your garden, your bed.

This is an online circle, stay home and drink with us.

The hares may request you to do something before the circle, so check out the description for more details.

Stay safe and FalttenTheCurve