FH3 Run # 1792: Hare: Veni Vidi Vittu

FH3 Run # 1792: Hare: Veni Vidi Vittu
Sun, 22. March 2020, 14:30 h
Virtual space - Online Meeting
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Frankfurt HHH RUN #1792

We will do a virtual ZOOM-meeting with trail and drinks.

Hare: Veni Vidi Vittu

Starting at 14:30 at the zoom location (see below).

Join Zoom Meeting:  (
Only valid 'til Sunday afternoon.)

This will was supposed to be Veni Vidi Vittus f#ck-off trail, before she is leaving us soon to "boring" Gothenborg in Sweden.

Instead of a real outdoor trail, V3 is setting a in-house on-line TRAIL and CIRCLE for FH3.

WHAT YOU NEED: Computer with Zoom, microphone and sounds and all that. Set it up on a room where you have a bit of space around you.

WEAR: hash gear, get ready to get sweaty. Its a w**kout! BRING/BE READY for a drinkstop, and also bring your own CIRCLE BEER!

Due to expected technical and other difficulties, please do not distribute this link outside the FH3 circle of half-minds and guests.

If you don't have Zoom yet, get it now.
Its great to hoast drinking meetups and some people use it for w**k too.
You can get free one, use your internetz skillzz (

So far we here at Hessen are able to r*n ALONE or groups of 5 outside, but wheres the fun in that.
I would recommend everyone to stay-the-f-home and take part the virtual trail!



Virtual space - Online Meeting


This time, we will meet online in virtual space and drink at home!

Location: your couch, workspace or access via mobile device.

No driving or getting somewhere, just fun in front of your screen.

Join Zoom Meeting, link is shown above .