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FH3 Run # 1792: Hare: Veni Vidi Vittu

FH3 Run # 1792: Hare: Veni Vidi Vittu
Sun, 22. March 2020, 14:30 h
Virtual space - Online Meeting
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Frankfurt HHH RUN #1792

We will do a virtual ZOOM-meeting with trail and drinks.

Hare: Veni Vidi Vittu

Starting at 14:30 at the zoom location (see below).

Join Zoom Meeting:  (
Only valid 'til Sunday afternoon.)

This will was supposed to be Veni Vidi Vittus f#ck-off trail, before she is leaving us soon to "boring" Gothenborg in Sweden.

Instead of a real outdoor trail, V3 is setting a in-house on-line TRAIL and CIRCLE for FH3.

WHAT YOU NEED: Computer with Zoom, microphone and sounds and all that. Set it up on a room where you have a bit of space around you.

WEAR: hash gear, get ready to get sweaty. Its a w**kout! BRING/BE READY for a drinkstop, and also bring your own CIRCLE BEER!

Due to expected technical and other difficulties, please do not distribute this link outside the FH3 circle of half-minds and guests.

If you don't have Zoom yet, get it now.
Its great to hoast drinking meetups and some people use it for w**k too.
You can get free one, use your internetz skillzz (

So far we here at Hessen are able to r*n ALONE or groups of 5 outside, but wheres the fun in that.
I would recommend everyone to stay-the-f-home and take part the virtual trail!



Virtual space - Online Meeting


Join the Zoom Meeting.

Location: your sofa, your kitchen, your garden, your bed.

This is an online circle, stay home and drink with us.

The hares may request you to do something before the circle, so check out the description for more details.

Stay safe and FalttenTheCurve