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FH3 Run # 1757: Hares: Niceboy - 20 years with Frankfurt Hash

FH3 Run # 1757: Hares: Niceboy - 20 years with Frankfurt Hash
Thu, 1. August 2019, 19:00 h
Bad Soden - Hubertushöhe - Bad Soden am Taunus
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Frankfurt Hash House Harriers RUN #1757

Let's do another analversary - Niceboys 20 years of Hashing

Hare: Niceboy

There will be beer, there will be some wine, some snacks optional. 
And maybe more.

Trail is thought, maybe some additional shoes are recommended, in case it rains *til Thursday. 

The Hare will figure out, if some little BBQ is possible on site.
on on 

Public transport options:

Bahnhof / Haltestelle Zeit Dauer Umst. mit Tarif*
Bus & Bahn - Donnerstag, 01.08.19
Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof tief
Bad Soden (Taunus)-Neuenhain Hubertushöhe
18:14 ab
18:53 an
0:39 1 4,95 €
2,90 €
  18:14 ab   Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof tief  Gleis 104
  18:39 an   Bad Soden (Taunus) Bahnhof - Umstieg Gleis 2
18:46 ab   Bussteig Bstg 2
  18:53  an   Bad Soden (Taunus)-Neuenhain Hubertushöhe   
Dauer: 0:39; Verbindung besteht: täglich


Bad Soden - Hubertushöhe
Königsteiner Straße 222
Bad Soden am Taunus



While on A66 from Frankfurt direction Wiesbaden or from Wiesbaden direction Frankfurt, take exit Frankfurt-Höchst onto B8 towards Königstein.
Drive all the way up to the end of B8 and turn (right) direction Königstein.
Still on B8 / B519 go straight, passing one traffic -kight and one exit on that road.
At the third exit take a right direction Bad Soden / Bad Soden Neuenhain (it will go down).
Drive down that road for about 850 m and you will see a parking lot at the right hand side next to the road. 
A few more meters furthe downr, there will be a traffic-light. If you hit that,  you have gone to far!.

Take a look on Google maps:


Alternative, you could drive all the way straight and up the hill through the town of Bad Soden, until you exit the town again.

Therefore take first exit off B8 after you just came from A66, signed Sulzbach - Bad Soden (the one before Main-Taunus-Zentrum) and cross 3 large junctions with traffic lights until you enter Bad Soden.
Drive all the way straight through "downtown" Bad Soden on Königsteiner Straße (mainroad), passing some petrol stations, a roundabout, the Park and then it goes up up the hill. When you are about to leave the town again (Neuenhain) still go ahead and after passing Rewe and the next traffic light, the parking lot will be on your left-hand-side in the woods.
Watch out for hash signs or marks.

Take a look here for alternative route:

The maked parking lot is at marked as Wanderparkplatz in the wood, along the road.

Public transport:

RMV bus station: Bad Soden (Taunus)-Neuenhain Hubertushöhe

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