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FH3 Run #1629: Wolf-Memorial Run + Open Mismanagement Meeting

FH3 Run #1629: Wolf-Memorial Run + Open Mismanagement Meeting
Sun, 23. April 2017, 12:30 h
Steinbach - PHORMS Taunus Campus - Steinbach
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Continuing with the “traditional hash theme”

FH3 Run:  #1629 The Wolf’s Memorial Run + Open Mismanagement

We’ll be running, like every year, the trail to remember the Wolf, a hasher who is part of the history of the Frankfurt H3. If you are only c*ming for the run you can arrive at 14:30

Also our very first open FH3 mismanagement meeting (open means everyone is invited) with your new mismanagement team will take place 2 hours before the run. Please come early and participate in the meeting we have important things to discuss!!!

When??:Sunday April 23. 12:30 p.m. Open mismanagement meeting

                                               14:30 p.m Wolf's Memorial Run

There will be PRE-RUN BEERS…hopefully AKU will have some (you know, Niceboy’s timing isn’t perfect)


Hares:our very own FH3 co-founder AKU and Niceboy
Hares Hotline: +49 179 2217524 


Location: Waldstrasse 105, 61449 Steinbach (Taunus) the parking lot next to the Phorms School.

We’ve all been there multiple times but somehow I can’t remember this place…I wonder whyyyyy (ahem, Aquavit, ahem)


How to get there??: there will be Aquavit and beer, so please think carefully if you want to drink OR drive….CARPOOLING is a wonderful idea!!! See directions below

For those, tryying to get there by train, try one of the following options:
If you are lucky, you might get a lift or pick up from the co-hare.
Or take your feet and use some navigation and walk to the meeting point. (In that case, use the S5-connection to Oberursel-Weißkirchen / Steinbach station).    
More options will be found at


Suggestions:C*m early to the open MSMG meeting and voice your ideas!!! Constructive criticism is always very welcome.

On After?? Maybe the tavern Olympia?


See you on Sunday

On On,

Hooky out!


Steinbach - PHORMS Taunus Campus
Waldstrasse 91


Parking lot next to the Phorms School Taunus Campus in Steinbach.

GPS-Data: 50.178283, 8.561897 or  N 50° 10.694280 E 8° 33.713700 (WGS 84)



By Car:
From the South: downtown Frankfurt take A66 direction Wiesbaden up to Nordwestkreuz, than direction Kronberg / Eschborn (Ost) on to L3006. Or go up to Nordwestkreuz and take first exit (most right one) towards Kronberg / Eschborn on to L3006 (not on Miquellallee)

From the North: via A5 exit Nordwestkreuz direction Kronberg / Eschborn on to L3006.

On L3006 take first exit towards Eschborn Gewerbegebiet / Großmärkte (Real etc.and Novotel & Dorint hotel) and STEINBACH

From the West via A66 (Wiesbaden & Taunus area) take exit Eschborn / Sossenheim (next one behind Aral Station) and turn left. Pass first crossing (traffic lights), change to right lane and go direction Eschborn Ost / Großmärkte. Take next exit and follow above to Steinbach and On-On.

Follow road towards Steinbach. At the crossing with traffic lights turn left direction Kronberg-Oberhöchstadt (should be sign-posted) and leave the city.
Be aware of the flash lights of that staionary speed-trap! Or smile. :) 

About 800 m there will be a small road (Waldstrasse) going to the right into the fields (Sportzentrum, PHORMS).
Take next crossing left and stay on Waldstrasse (see Taverna Olympia to your right), turn right after the red PHORMS building into the parking area.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT (the smart people)

Get the best connection on
Take S-Bahn S4 from Frankfurt Central Station direction Kronberg (Taunus). Get off at Kronberg (Taunus) Süd. (

Take Bus 261 direction Bad Homburg, get off at Kronberg (Taunus)-Oberhöchstadt Waldsiedlung, and using your magical compass a.k.a. google maps walk 12 mins to the location. (

However, the smart people sometimes need help with transport so another option is to ask for a ride on the Facebook page or sending an email to the email list
We’ll try to work something out!